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12d Model 15 Pavements

Dates: 27th & 28th August 2024

Time: 10am to 1:30pm (AEST - Sydney time), with a 15-minute break, each day

Course Places: 2 seats available
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Course prerequisites:

Experience in 12d Model with completion of Civil Design Basics Course.

In some cases, working through the ‘Getting Started for Design’ Manual is sufficient – enquire upon booking.


D07: Design, Tri-mesh Pavement

  • Pavement Manager
    • Creation of a Pavement Manager, that includes pavement definitions, kerb profiles and verge details.
    • Creation of attributes for each layer in the pavement definition
    • Explanations of pavement layer offsets and end slopes.
    • Model and tin naming conventions
  • Pavement (Trimesh) Snippets
    • Detailed explanation and use of MTF snippets pertaining to design features
    • Pavement design with kerb and channel
    • Pavement design for freeway/arterial roads
    • Footpath/landscape design
    • Pavement design for kerb returns and cul-de-sacs
  • Overlay & Widening
    • Cutback treatment and corrector
  • Construction Pavement Preparation
    • Re-creation of Design from strings
    • Analysis and editing of supplied data strings
      • Understanding what is good and bad data
      • Identifying crossing and duplicated strings
  • Pavement from tins
    • Preparation of tin surfaces, including surface colouring for:
      • Roundabouts
      • Intersections
    • Applying pavement definitions to the coloured areas of the tin
    • The extension of pavement using strings selected as “Edge Treatments”
  • Creation of Tin surfaces from trimesh pavement
    • Use of the Pavement Manager and snippets to set and create the tins
    • Use of other options outside of the Apply MTF to create the tins


Please note courses may occasionally be cancelled or amended if trainers' availabilities change. If a change to a course occurs and you are unable to attend the new time, we will transfer your registration to the next available course.

All courses are non-refundable if you change your mind.

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