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Dates: 17th and 18th June 2024

Time: 10am to 1:15pm (AEST - Sydney time), with a 15-minute break, each day



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Summary: For a surveyor, engineer or information manager who wants to utilise the functionality inside 12d Model to collaborate and coordinate models from different project disciplines. Being able to import and share BIM (i.e. Building Information Modelling) model data, access and coordinate attribute/metadata information and trimesh models.


Prerequisites: Some experience in 12d Model is necessary along with basic computer skills and the ability to understand and write in the English language.


Course Content:

• Import and manage BIM data including open BIM IFC files

• 3D Helmert transformation of models

• 12d Model Data Management

• Mapping data with attributes

• Recreate MTF files from design strings

• Pavement Manager and Snippets for trimesh BIM creation

• Trimesh creation and editing tools

• Trimesh service chambers and BIM objects

• Trimesh reporting and volumes

• Creating trimesh objects from 12d objects

• Create and edit an attribute manipulator file

• Create and edit Global attributes with choices (BIM)

• Create and edit Project attributes (BIM)

• Create and apply attribute label map files

• Export open BIM IFC files

• Investigate 3D clash detection rules; apply and report on 3D object clashes.



Please note courses may occasionally be cancelled or amended if trainers' availabilities change. If a change to a course occurs and you are unable to attend the new time, we will transfer your registration to the next available course.

All courses are non-refundable if you change your mind.

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