*an authorised 12d Model Training centre

CAD and Plotting

Dates: 24th & 25th October 2022

Time: 10am to 1:15pm (AEDT - Sydney time), with a 15-minute break, each day


Requirements: Dual monitors will be required so that the Trainer can be followed on one and the Course work can be done on the other. Alternatively, a second computer could also be used and projected to a screen or TV for viewing the Trainer.

An Internet Connection is required.

12d Model v14 and Codemeter drivers : 12d Model v14 Installation Document

Civil and Surveying Institute will supply a 12d Model licence and data to use for the course

Course Places: Course Full
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$380.00 (AUD) excl GST


This course module is designed for someone wanting to understand CAD string construction, management and plotting within 12d Model.



Course prerequisite: Nil

The participant should be proficient in navigating around the menus within 12d Model.

Any knowledge of 12d Model will be of an advantage for this beginners 12d Model CAD

training course.



To introduce new and existing users to cad construction and plotting techniques within

12d Model.



Creation of 12d Model Projects

Navigate in the 12d Models graphical interface

Drawing and CAD snaps

CAD Modification tools

String Properties

Symbols, Text


Super String Tools



Tin functions and Labelling

CAD elements including

  • Dimensions
  • Leaders
  • Tables

Labelling data

Editing Title Block Files

Plotting long sections

Plotting Cross sections

Multi Page Plot Sheets

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