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Dates: 27th & 28th June 2023

Time: 10am to 1:15pm (AEST - Sydney time), with a 15-minute break, each day


Course Places: 1 seats available
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18.0 MACRO One Day

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This course starts people writing, compiling and running 12d Model Macros.



Attendees should be familiar with basic 12d Model terms and concepts such as models, TINs, strings, panels, picking strings. No previous programming experience required but a capacity for logical thinking is essential.


Course Content:

• The 12d Programming Language (12dPL) is a powerful programming language designed to run from within 12d Model.

• Its main purpose is to allow users to enhance the existing 12d Model by writing their own programs (macros).

• 12dPL is based on a subset of the C++ language with special extensions to allow easy manipulation of 12d Model data. A large number of intrinsic functions are supplied which cover most aspects of civil modelling.

• 12dPL has been designed to fit in with the ability of 12d Model to "stack" an incomplete operation.

• This training course does not try to teach programming techniques but takes attendees through the basics steps to start writing and running 12dPL programs (macros).

• This course covers

1. Using the 12d Model Programming Language manual.

2. 12sPL syntax and flow control.

3. The basic 12sPL variable types and "handles" to 12d elements (strings etc.).

4. How to create, compile and run 12dPL code.

5. How to retrieve and change basic element properties.

6. Reading and writing files (creating reports).

7. Creating 12d Model panels.

8. Including your 12dPL programs in the User Defined menus, function keys and toolbars.


Important note: This course is for showing how to use macros in 12d Model. It does not teach surveying/design principles.


Please note courses may occasionally be cancelled or amended if trainers' availabilities change. If a change to a course occurs and you are unable to attend the new time, we will transfer your registration to the next available course.

All courses are non-refundable if you change your mind.

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