*an authorised 12d Model Training centre

SPOT – 12d Model 15 Civil Design Basics Certificate of Competency

Exam Duration: 2 hours 15 minutes

Professional Certification:

A Certificate of Competency is issued when a 12d Model user passes an online proctored exam. The Certificates of Competency is invaluable for job applications and work promotions.


Identification (ID) requirements for the Certificate of Competency

When undertaking the exam, you need to upload an image of one valid form of Government-issued ID that contains your photo and signature.

Please ensure that the first and family name used in your Registration exactly matches the first and family name of the ID that you will provide.


Examples of valid ID:

- Passport
- Drivers licence
- Identification card

Please note that we will not accept expired IDs.

- An internet connection
- 12d Model 15 with the Alignment module.
- Make sure you have completed appropriate training prior to applying for the Certificate of Competency and scheduling the proctored exam.

Note: if you do not have 12d Model 15, we will provide a 12d Model Cloud licence for the exam. However, Network Egress over TCP to Port 22350 is required to use the 12d Model 15 Cloud licence.

After completing the form below, you will receive a confirmation email providing additional details, including instructions on booking your testing time, technical requirements, and other pertinent information.

$200.00 (AUD) excl GST