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SPOT - 12d Model 15 Getting Started for Utility Modelling

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Course Type: Self-Paced Online Training

Average Time Commitment: 3 months. Participants who can dedicate themselves to the study will be able to complete the course within two weeks.

As a part of your course, you will access:

- 12d Model 15 licence for 3 months

- 18 Online video lessons

- On-going access to the 12d Model training content

- Practical and engaging quizzes

- Certificate of Completion

- Access to the 12d Model 15 Fundamentals Course

Professional Certification: Launch your career or keep your skills up-to-date with a Certificate from the Civil and Surveying Institute (Authorised 12d Model Training Provider).


- Dual monitors are recommended (follow the videos on one and do the course work on the other). Alternatively, use a second computer.

- Internet Connection.

- 12d Model 15 (a 12d Model 15 Cloud licence will be provided free of charge for three months. Egress to Port 22350 is required to access the 12d Model 15 Cloud licence)

Prerequisites: The ‘12d Model 15 – Fundamentals’ course is a pre-requisite for this course.

12d Model Licence and Loan Agreement


Course outline: 

This course is designed for those who wish to use 12d Model 15 to work with utility and attributed data. We show how to flexibly use the 12d Model tools to process attributed utility data so that you can reliably export and quantify utility information regardless of how surveyed data has been provided to you.


12d Model 15 Getting Started for Utility Modelling

This course continues from the Fundamentals course. In this course we:

-       Cover the basics of using a ‘super string’ to model utility data, by adding a diameter and justification to individual strings, to multiple strings, and with the use of map files.

-       Import utility data and discuss the use of attributes to store information on the data, then use those attributes to create Trimesh service chambers.

-       Use MetaConnex and the Attribute Manipulator to structure attributes on data so that when the utilities are exported to IFC, they are in a suitable format.

-       Create a Chain to automate the workflow of import, processing and exporting utility data to IFC, so that future data can be processed rapidly.

-       Showcase some more advanced attribute tools; those being translating using attribute values, replacing attribute values, de-concatenating attributes, and BIM object creation.


12d Model 15 Fundamentals Course

-       This course teaches you to navigate 12d Model 15, some of the key terminology, and how to view and create data.

-       The Fundamentals course is a pre-requisite for this course. Completing the Fundamentals course unlocks the 12d Model 15 Getting Started for Utility Modelling course.

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