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SPOT - ALDE Introduction to Land Development Design

Enrol in the entire course for $2,000 (AUD) excl GST. Discount available for ALDE members.


Course Summary

In partnership with the Association of Land Development Engineers (ALDE), this Self-Paced Online Training (SPOT) course has been created for those starting out, transitioning to, or upskilling within, the Land Development industry. The course follows a typical subdivision project, giving trainees an understanding of the processes and procedures involved, as well as the most up-to-date 12d Model tools used to efficiently complete the subdivision design.

This course includes

- Discussion of key standards, guidelines, documents and reports necessary for undertaking Land Development projects in Victoria.

- Over 100 industry-tailored 12d Model training videos covering both Road and Finished Surface Design, and Stormwater Design.

- Exploration into “how” and “why” Land Development engineering decisions are made.

- 12d Model 15 Student Software Licence: Gain access to the 12d Model Student Software for the duration of the course.

- Course Certificate: Receive a certificate upon successful completion of the course, showcasing your achievement.

- Engaging Video Lessons and Course Materials: Benefit from thoughtfully curated video lessons and comprehensive course materials designed to enhance your learning experience.

- Quiz Knowledge Tests and More: Assess your understanding through quizzes and other interactive knowledge tests, ensuring a thorough grasp of the course content.

Course Price:

1.  For ALDE (Association of Land Development Engineers) Members:

  • Price: $1,500 (AUD) excluding GST

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2. For Non-ALDE Members:

  • Price: $2,000 (AUD) excluding GST
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A SPOT account will also be created for the 'Manager' so that
they can review the course progression of a trainee.

$2000.00 (AUD) excl GST

Course Outline

The ALDE Introduction to Land Development Design Course includes:

1. The ALDE Land Development Design document – Created specifically for this course, this document provides an overview of typical Land Development procedures, processes and requirements including:

· Discussion of key input documents, reports and standards

· Functional Layout Plan submission

· Advanced Design Theory & Scheduling


2. Access to a 12d Model training licence for the duration of the course


3. Access to over 100 industry-tailored 12d Model training videos:

· Consistent with authority requirements (e.g., EDCM, Melbourne Water, AustRoads)


4. The 12d Model ‘Road and Finished Surface Design’ has chapters including:

· Survey Data Preparation

· Super Alignment Design

· The MTF

· Stormwater Co-ordination

· Lot Grading

· The Element Method

· Pavement Design

· Outputs & Plotting


5. The 12d Model Stormwater design unit has chapters including:

· Creating a Stormwater Network

· Assigning Catchments

· Rational Method Hydrology

· Pipe Grading & Sizing

· Services

· Gap Flow Calculations

· Outputs & Plotting


6. Knowledge-check quizzes and assessments


7. Certification from the Civil & Surveying Institute for course completion.


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