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SPOT - Getting Started for Surveying V14

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Course Type: Self-Paced Online Training

Average Time Commitment: : 2-3 months part-time. With self-paced training, individuals who can study at a fast pace have the opportunity to gain competency quickly. Individuals who only have time to study at a slower pace have the opportunity to absorb information without being pushed too quickly.

As a part of your course, you will access:

- 12d Model Software licence for four months, and data

- 40 Online video lessons

- Practical study notes

- Multiple choice questions to test your knowledge

- Certificate of Completion

- 12 months’ access to the SPOT video lessons

Professional Certification: You will automatically receive a Certificate of Completion if you meet the requirements to complete the course. Please ensure the first and family names that the candidate uses to register exactly match the first and family names on the candidate's ID.


- Dual monitors are recommended (follow the videos on one and do the course work on the other)

Alternatively, use a second computer

- Internet Connection

- 12d Model v14 (a 12d Model 14 Cloud licence will be provided free of charge for four months. Egress to Port 22350 is required to access the 12d Model 14 Cloud licence)

Prerequisites: This course is designed for those who haven’t used 12d Model 14 before or have only been using it for a short time. It is aimed at teaching you the fundamentals of 12d Model for Surveying.

12d Model Licence and Loan Agreement

Course Outline 

In this course, we go through:

  • Creating a new project and how to navigate around the 12d Model workspace and use the menus, toolbars, and views.
  • How to create our own CAD data and discuss the picking concepts which form the foundation of working with data in 12d.
  • Following our basic or fundamental introduction, we will set up and import a survey data captured file and explain the methods to edit and review this data.
  • We will triangulate the survey data and create a plot.
  • Next, we will review and create projects to demonstrate some of 12d Model’s volumetric analysis capabilities.
  • We also import data from external files, then create surfaces from that data which we then use as the basis for our ground model.

Course Certificate 

Certificate of Completion   

  1. Certificates of Completion are available to all students for any courses they complete.
  2. Certificates of Completion provide an incentive to work through all the way to the end of the course.
  3. Certificates of Completion do not include a grade or specify a number of credit hours that might influence your employment or promotions.

Receiving the certificate   

Certificate of Completion: You will automatically receive a Certificate of Completion if you meet the requirements to complete the course.

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