*an authorised 12d Model Training centre

Civil Design Features

Dates: 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th September 2024

Time: 9am to 12:30pm (AEST - Sydney time), with a 15-minute break, each day

Requirements: Dual monitors will be required so that the Trainer can be followed on one and the Course work can be done on the other. Alternatively, a second computer could also be used and projected to a screen or TV for viewing the Trainer.

An Internet Connection is required.

12d Model v15 and Codemeter drivers : 12d Model v15 Installation Document

Civil and Surveying Institute will supply a 12d Model licence and data to use for the course

Course Places: 3 seats available
SKU: 240902_15CDF
$840.00 (AUD) excl GST


This course follows on from the Civil Design Basics course. Understanding of basic road design is essential.


Experience in 12d Model with completion of the Civil Design Basics Course is required.

Course Content:

D02: Design, Advanced Modifiers

  • Import templates
  • Apply MTF defaults
  • Apply MTF Manager
  • Modifiers using smart chainages
  • Modifiers using layers
  • MTF features, Alias, Regions and copy and paste
  • View Properties, Favourites and Positions

D03: Design, MTF Snippets

  • What are Snippets?
  • Basic Snippet edits
  • Applying Snippets
  • Design TIN and SuperTIN

B06: Chains

  • Design Chain

D06: Design, MTF Boxing

  • Modifier boxing with layers
  • Asphalt surface, Kerb shapes and Subgrade layers

D07: Design, Tri-mesh Boxing

  • Boxing with Snippets
  • Subgrade TINs

T02: TINs and Volumes

  • Import raster

B05: Sharing

  • Making Models and TINs shared
  • Sharing in Models and TINs

A02: Super Alignment, Element Design

  • Design Toolbars
  • Create Super Alignment
  • Horizontal element geometry
  • Vertical element geometry
  • Named parts
  • Named positions 

A04: Super Alignment, Computators

  • Using computator elements
  • Computator kerb return tool
  • Widening function
  • Modifiers with computators 

A05: Super Alignment, Advanced Tools

  • Using Computators


Please note courses may occasionally be cancelled or amended if trainers' availabilities change. If a change to a course occurs and you are unable to attend the new time, we will transfer your registration to the next available course.

All courses are non-refundable if you change your mind.