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Stormwater Basics

Date: 5th, 7th, 12th, and 14th December 2023

Time: 11am to 3:15pm (AEDT) - Sydney time), with two 15-minute breaks, each day

Requirements: Dual monitors will be required so that the Trainer can be followed on one and the Course work can be done on the other. Alternatively, a second computer could also be used and projected to a screen or TV for viewing the Trainer.

An Internet Connection is required.

12d Model v15 and Codemeter drivers : 12d Model v15 Installation Document

Civil and Surveying Institute will supply a 12d Model licence and data to use for the course

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Course Content:

The Stormwater Basics course covers the skills required to create Water strings and turn them into models of stormwater networks comprising nodes, links, catchments and overland flow paths. A construction-ready design will be completed for specified minor and major storm events, using the Rational Method. This course also covers the customisation of node and link types and the production of deliverables (drawings, tables, BIM, etc.).

W01: Project Setup and Network Creation
• Review survey data, geometric design and supertin of finished surface
• Identify locations of crests/sags, critical inlets and overland flow channels
• Create new Water models from Water Model Templates
• Create Water strings with the Water String Editor
• Convert Super strings to Water strings

W02: Introduction to the Water Network Editor

• Using the top (navigation), middle (tabbed) and bottom (control) sections of WNE panel
• Assigning string names and node/link types
• Set Node Names button
• Set Node Details button
• Regrade Links button
• Plot button
• Global, Default and Explicit settings
• Road design file: setout and centre strings
• Adjusting node locations laterally from setout strings
• Moving junction nodes and node connection points
• Cover levels vs Grate levels
• Details at network outlets
• Service clash file: grading to avoid crossing services
• Culverts & Channels vs Pits & Pipes


W03: Catchments, Rainfall and Introduction to Rational Method
• The Rational Method
• Turning IFD tables into 12d Model Rainfall files
• Assigning direct flow rates to nodes (Qdg) and links (Qdp)
• Catchment file: catchment polygons and Tc strings
• Set Catchments button
• Analysis button: introductory Rational Method analysis
• Review preliminary link sizes

W04: Network Import and Export
• Import/Export button
• Custom reports/tables
• Importing data from spreadsheet
• Attribute groups for minor and major results

W05: Rational Method Analysis with Overland Flow, Inlet Capacity and Flood Extents
• Overland flow model: downhill strings and utility string editor • Inlet capacity factors affecting bypass flow
• The drainage.4d file editor
• Thorough review of WNE settings
• Analysis button: Rational Method analysis with bypass/overland flow and flood extents
• Checking major storm events
• Drawings: stormwater plans, long-sections and structure details • Calculation tables: standard and custom

W06: Network Quantities
• Pit schedules
• Excavation quantities
• Network quantities
• BIM: trimeshes (of nodes, links, surface structures, headwalls, HGLs) and IFC export
• Visualisation in 3D views


Please note courses may occasionally be cancelled or amended if trainers' availabilities change. If a change to a course occurs and you are unable to attend the new time, we will transfer your registration to the next available course.

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