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Stormwater Dynamic

Dates: 25th, 26th, 28th March 2024

Time: 10am to 1:30pm (AEDT - Sydney time), with two 15-minute breaks, each day


Requirements: Dual monitors will be required so that the Trainer can be followed on one and the Course work can be done on the other. Alternatively, a second computer could also be used and projected to a screen or TV for viewing the Trainer.

An Internet Connection is required.

12d Model v15 and Codemeter drivers : 12d Model v15 Installation Document

Civil and Surveying Institute will supply a 12d Model licence and data to use for the course

Course Places: 4 seats available
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Course ID: 1DDD

Prerequisites: For experienced 12d Users only. You must be fully familiar with the Drainage Network Editor (DNE) and know how to design drainage networks in 12d Model. This “Dynamic Stormwater for Modelling Storage” course is a logical extension for 12d drainage users who have already attended the Stormwater Drainage (Parts 1 and 2) and wish to further extend their Drainage design skills. The course continues on from the rational hydrology method to rainfall runoff models and dynamic flow in pipes (St Venant unsteady flow equations).


Course Content:

W07: Dynamic Drainage Hydrology

• Rainfall runoff methods discussed will vary with regions (SCS, ILSAX or EPA SWMM)

• Moving from rational "C" to Soil types

• Additions to the 12d rainfall file including Rainfall fixed time and variable temporal patterns.

• Reviewing graphical outputs

• ARR 2016 Hydraulics

• Modelling diverging flow conditions

• Bypass flow using surface flows with section shapes cut from the design tin.

• Time series for tail water conditions.

• Modelling natural channels using section shapes cut from the design tin. Detention Basin Design

• Estimating storage to meet the pre development discharges,

• Creating detention basins and extracting elevation area curves from the tin,

• Multiple outlets design (combining spillway, control pipe, orifice) Storage Tank Design

• Estimating storage to meet the pre development discharges via discharge control pipes and orifice plates. Infiltration Tank and Swale Design • Using discharge rating curves to model infiltration in swales and tanks.


Please note courses may occasionally be cancelled or amended if trainers' availabilities change. If a change to a course occurs and you are unable to attend the new time, we will transfer your registration to the next available course.

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